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Used Equipment Referral Service (UERS) Disclaimer

Welcome to UERS, a "classified ads" feature that connects people with available Assistive Technology! Please read the following information carefully. To continue into UERS, you must click the acceptance statement to acknowledge that you've read and accepted this information.

The UERS program primarily serves people in Iowa, although we do accept entries from other neighboring states. In addition, we allow for appropriate businesses to list used items for sale. Ads from businesses are indicated as such. Neither Iowa Compass nor the University of Iowa profit from the sale of listed devices. Iowa Compass does not endorse and is not responsible for the information represented in any ad. It is the sole responsibility of the seller to provide accurate and detailed information about the product’s specifications and condition. Terms or arrangements made for any product exchanges, and any liability resulting from them, are the sole responsibility of the exchanging parties.

Iowa Compass functions only in an information-sharing capacity.

Iowa Compass reserves the right to review, edit, and/or refuse listings based on the item description and condition. Listings must be updated every 60 days. If the listing has not been updated, it automatically expires.

If you list an ad with UERS, your first name, city, and telephone number WILL appear on the UERS website. If an email address is supplied, our system hides your email address and interested inquiries come through an email form on our system.

This is our attempt to safeguard your email from receiving spam emails. However, there may still be a risk of receiving spam email from outside sources. Iowa Compass encourages all users to avoid engaging in any deals that appear too good to be true and/or involve someone overseas. For more information about avoiding scams and engaging in safe encounters, both the FBI and the Better Business Bureau have created useful information. See: Link opens in new window. and/or Link opens in new window.

By accepting these terms, you agree Iowa Compass is not responsible should you experience a problem with any transaction arising from the UERS program. You must enter through this page each time you enter the UERS.

I've read and I accept these Terms.