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COMPASS News Archive


English (PDF)
English (TXT)

Features: Lemon Law, UERS Mapping, Health Insurance Exchange, IowaCare Ending, Holiday Toys

Español (PDF)
Español (TXT)

Temas: Repara su Equipamiento Roto, Seguro, IowaCare termina, Juguetes para la navidad

English (PDF)
English (TXT)

Features: Early Access, Hearing Loops, Website Changes, Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Repairs

Español (PDF)
Español (TXT)

Temas: Early Access (Acceso Temprano), Los Dispositivos de Circuito Auditivo, Médico Durable (EMD) y Medicaid

English (PDF)
English (TXT)

Features: Success Story, Family & Sibling Support, Disability Discharge Rule, Assistive Technology Demonstration Centers

Español (PDF)
Español (TXT)

Temas: Trabajando Juntos para el Éxito, Apoyo para las Familias y los Hermanos, Regla para Anulación de Deuda por Discapacidad, Centros de Demostración

English (PDF)
English (TXT)

Features: Tips for Travel, Low Tech Assistive Technology for Work, Accessible Parks and Recreation

Español (PDF)
Español (TXT)

Temas: Consejos para viajar, Tecnología de Asistencia Básicas en el Trabajo, Parques Accesibles

English (PDF)
English (TXT)

Features include: Recreation & Sports, Tax Facts for People with Disabilities, Low Tech Assistive Technology for Home, Section 504, Social Security Work Incentives and iPad Accessibility

Español (PDF)
Español (TXT)

Temas: Recreación y Deportes, Datos de Impuestos, Tecnología de Asistencia en el Hogar, Sección 504, Los incentivos de Trabajo de Seguridad Social, accesibles características en el iPad

English (PDF)
English (TXT)

Features: Dressing for people with physical disabilities, Low Tech Assistive Technology for School, Centers for Independent Living

Español (PDF)
Español (TXT)

Temas: Vestirse Cuando Usted Tiene Dificultades Físicas, Tecnologías de Asistencia Básicas para la Escuela, Centro para Vida Independiente


November 2012 (PDF)
November 2012 (text)

Features: Assistive Technology Gift Ideas, Medicaid Waiver Changes, DME Repair, National I&R Day, Movie Captioning Glasses, Service Dogs, search keyword update

September 2012 (PDF)
September 2012 (text)

Features: Emergency Preparedness, sComm, UERS Success, ICATER Education Assistive Technology Tips, Disabilities Parking Permit, Disability Rights Iowa

July 2012 (PDF)
July 2012 (text)

Features: BEEP Baseball, Medicare Preventative Benefits, Assistive Technology Legal Project, Guide to Medicaid, Iowa COMPASS on YouTube, Self-Employment Trainings

May 2012 (PDF)
May 2012 (text)

Features: Autism Product Searches, Loan Closets, Selecting & Obtaining Assistive Technology, Special Olympics Summer Games, Wheelchair Track & Field Clinic

March 2012 (PDF)
March 2012 (text)

Features: Summer Camps, Appealing HCBS Waiver Terminations, School Scholarships, Visual Smoke Alarms

January 2012 (PDF)
January 2012 (text)

Features: Adapted Indoor Games, Alternative Format Textbooks, Assistive Technology Web Tips, Tax Facts for People with Disabilities


November 2011 (PDF)
November 2011 (text)

Features: Disability Resource Library, Assistive Technology for Educators, Telecommunications Access Iowa

September 2011 (web page)

Features: Proloquo2Go, Relay Iowa Captioned Telephone Placement Program, Communication Devices and Young People Webcast

July 2011 (web page)

Features: Creating Accessible Documents, Adaptive RAGBRAI Team, Guardianship & Conservatorship in Iowa

May 2011 (web page)

Features: Gardening, Summer Fun, Assistive Technology for Behavioral Safety and Self-Protection, BrowseAloud

March 2011 (PDF)
March 2011 (text)

Features: Transition from High School, PACER Center, National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities, Featured Programs in Iowa

January 2011 (PDF)
January 2011 (text)

Features: Alernative Format Textbooks, Tax Facts for People with Disabilities, National Center on Physical Disability and Disability, Prevent Falls, Job Accomodation Network, Medicaid for Employed People with Disabilities, PASS Plan, Digital Accelerator Ring Optimized for Speed


November 2010 (PDF)
November 2010 (text)

Feature Issue: Assistive Technology and Programs for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers with Disabilities

September 2010 (PDF)
September 2010 (text)

Feature Issue: Hearing Loss Programs and Services

July 2010 (PDF)
July 2010 (text)

Feature Issue: Summer Traveling

May 2010 (PDF)
May 2010 (text)

Feature Issue: Fishing

March 2010 (PDF)
March 2010 (text)

Feature Issue: Flood and Weather Preparedness

January 2010 (PDF)
January 2010 (text)

Features: IEP Planning, Accessible Format Textbooks, Assistive Technology Activities for Children Ages 3-8, Assisitive Technology for Rural Curriculum


December 2009 (PDF)
December 2009 (text)

September 2009 (PDF)
September 2009 (text)

July 2009 (PDF)
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March 2009 (PDF)
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January 2009 (PDF)
January 2009 (text)


November 2008 (PDF)
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November 2007 (PDF)
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January 2007 (PDF)
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November 2006 (PDF)
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October 2006 (PDF)
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July 2006 (PDF)
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May 2006 (PDF)
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March 2006 (PDF)
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January 2006 (PDF)
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December 2005 (PDF)
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March 2005 (PDF)
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October 2004 (PDF)
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August 2004 (PDF)
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